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Re: [IP] Re: Need serious help


I am really sorry to read your post and I really hope that all or at least 
some of the recommendations other people have made work for you and you are 
able to keep Fluffy.

>  I hate that
>because my pancreas still tries (silly pancreas!) to compensate, I will be
>punished by government bureacrats.

My heart really goes out to you.  S*(t like this really bothers me and I 
swear it's much harder than having diabetes itself.  From my experiences in 
seeing others during their first year or so of being diagnosed and still 
producing insulin, I can honestly say I would rather just not produce.  I 
don't know maybe it's a mental thing, but to me it would be scarry not 
knowing when my body is going to kick in some insulin or not.  I've talked 
with several people that are older when they are diagnosed and go through 
this and it doesn't sound fun at all.  I've also been diagnosed since I was 
three and have zero recollection on what I went through the first few years.


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