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[IP] Re: the pump and weight loss/gain

i gained five pounds when first going on the pump.  with hard work, i have 
now gone back to my "normal" weight.  i have to eat substantially LESS than i 
did prior to the pump.  
i write every little thing down and find it frustrating, but the joy of the 
pump is that i CAN diet and/or skip a meal if i need to without going low.  
currently on 1500 calories per day but average about 1300.
i dance (i guess it's aerobic - i used weights on my arms and this awful, 
loud dance music) every other day.  i have learned not to "pig out" on those o
reos that you mentioned on here - LOL - b/c pigging out makes me feel just 
too sick!  
it's fascinating to see that so many on here have LOST WEIGHT with the pump; 
i just can't see it, since every calorie is covered with insulin, whereas 
with the shots, some highs + ketones would naturally cause us to lose weight!
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