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Re: [IP] Sharing News

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! thats great.. and having pump will make it so much 
easier to handle D . yes  I went thru similar symptoms. tired all the time, 
p-ing all night, starving , and far too many lows no matter what I ate. but 
hang in there its all worth it. things usually level off in the 4th month . 
for me anyway.and according to my doc. My advise--keep glucagon handy at all 
times and make sure hubby knows how to do it and test every time you feel 
sleepy and want to lay down. pregnancy makes my lows feel like very sleepy 
and then I tak a nap and come to after I've been shot full of glucagon..On 
the subject of  D being a turn off and stuff my husband was never bothered by 
it and we were 21 when we met got married at 23 and he is sooo supportive we 
even have this telepathic thing going on.He knows when I'm low even when hes 
away-like out of town he'll call and make sure I'm ok and he can wake p in 
middle of night aand know -He says he just gets startled awake and knows 
instantly whats wrong ..My grandparents were like that too its so sweet..I 
promised my grandad I would marry someone just like him and I did. My 
grandmother was so lucky to have a man care so much for her and I know I am 
blessed. Sorry to get so long winded btu haveing a truly supportive and 
concerned partner is wonderful. And so are babies!!!
  God bless you and good luck
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