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[IP] carb counting, basal bolus rates and too much life

Congrats on baby girl and sorry to hear about the difficulties with work 
scheduling, baby and preparing meals. I have 21 month old son - also very 

Breakfast - Have had good results with Eggo brand frozen waffles. Not sure 
about other Eggo breakfast foods. Also like cheerios, instant oatmeal (with 
natural applesauce or spread is easy and good) Do you have trouble measuring 
how much to eat? Probably lots of additives in waffles, but if it is only for 
a while till things let up I don't think it bad . Sat. fat I think was low 
and Eggo nutri-grain waffles have fiber (not sure if it is soluble fiber, but 
you can check). They had like exactly 30 gms or so(31, 32) carb, which was 
helpful to me. Very fast. My son likes frozen waffles, too, and mini pancakes.

Lunches - We eat a lot of sandwiches. I buy packaged 100% whole wheat bread 
when I can, so I can feel better about eating bread with soluble fiber. It is 
more expensive,  but haven't had bg problems with most of the wheat breads as 
long as I read the label and bolus for it. There are some light wheat breads 
that have done O.K. with, but don't know about fiber content (soluble or 
not). Son likes grilled (ham &) cheese, P&J... which I think is O.K. If you 
like dairy (and have a cooler) maybe some yogurt,  cheeses, cottage 
cheese...Salads with chick peas or beans, cheeses on top. Sandwich on the 
side if you like cold cuts, tuna, etc. Maybe grill chicken on weekend and 
freeze if like chicken. Maybe cook roast and freeze several servings at once. 
We haven't had time in summer. 

Dinners are tough and hardest for me. Crock pot helps a lot when can't use 
grill( with roasts. Let me know if need recipes w/ carb info) You could throw 
in some of those veggies you said are good in your area. Interested in what 
you hear.  Probably worthwhile to get a book of carb values. I need a better 
one. Variety is not the spice of life in our house. We rely on few favorites 
these days and cook on the grill. Hope this helps a little.

Beth H & Oscar 
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