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Re: [IP] new pumper frustrations

MsMahJongGirl2u wrote:

>>The soy protiens are NOT a matter of
failure to account for the nutritional content unless they are somehow
mislabeled...but basically anything with textured vegetable protien (like a
veggie burger) sends me to the roof.  Why though would I need such a
different carb ratio with this particular food?  It's not high in fat and I
bolus 1.8 for the 18 carbs (I'm on a 1:10 ratio) ...seems to be something
with the 23g protien...I still don't understand whether protien requires any
insulin consideration and if so how??  Otherwise my ratio works quite well
unless I eat out and don't know the exact content of the food <<

While I'm not familiar with vegetarian diets, I know that foods with a high
protein amount can raise bgs later after the meal.  The MM pump addresses
high fat or high protein issues with the Square or Dual Wave bolus, which
spreads the bolus over a longer period of time.  Those of us on Disetronic
pumps can figure the bolus amount and do a temp increase for part of it.
That said I'm not sure if 23g of protein is a high amount (most pumpers I
talk to say if they eat more than 4oz of protein in a meal it can cause
problems with highs later).  Any other pumpers out there who eat a
vegetarian diet that can help with this?  As far as eating out, we all have
problems with figuring boluses when eating out, and it only comes with
practice.  My eating out problem was baked potatoes, until I put a potato on
my scale at home and realized that the ones you get in restaurants are at
least 45-50g of carb.  That realization solved my problem with eating out,
since I almost always choose a baked potato.  YMMV.


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