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Re: [IP] Animas Pump

> I'm curious about the programming of the Animas pump.  Their web site has
> 'model pump' which lets you try the menu system out.  How do you find
> programming it?  Is square and dual wave straightforward??  Does the
> have a remote (like MM 508?).  How about a vibrate mode?  (Just curious
how it
> shapes up against the competition as I'm in mood for new pump).

I think it is very easy to program, bolus, check the history, basically
doing everything is in my opinion very easy.  My wife who was afraid to
touch my MM506  also has no problems with programming my animas.  So maybe
now I can get her to do my bolus while I'm driving :)

The animas does not have a vibrate mode nor does it have a remote.  It does
have the audio bolus, and an extended bolus.  However, you can only turn on
the audio bolus or the extended bolus, not both of them at the same time.
The extended bolus is your square wave.

One big advantage the animas has over MM508 is that it is waterproof.  The
backlight is also better on the Animas than the MM508.  Both of which are
important to me because I like the water, and I like to go camping.

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