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Re: [IP] a1c question

I have a question about A1c's.  What truly affects the results?  I've pretty
much had A1c's on shots in the 5 range.  I'm concerned that my new one
post-pump will be higher, partially due to the fact that my bg's were whacky
for awhile getting things worked out on the pump.  And, then I had an
episode with hives and took a cortisone steroid, which also made me have
higher than normal bgs for about 2 weeks.  So, I take it all this will be
reflected in my A1c which I go to have taken this weekend?  I'm just
wondering about this and what I can expect?  I just don't want my dr or
anybody thinking I've not been doing well if my A1c goes up.  *sweating the


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