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[IP] Food for thought

Alecia WROTE
>  I guess I’m wondering if the
>  freedom of the pump often causes people to maybe
>  “overindulge”.  

IN A WORD...YES....  If you CAN compensate for the package of Oreos and you 
are feeling particularly over indulgent...sure chow down, wide load...of 
course, beingthe good diabetics we are...we are gonna bolus for each and 
every one of those 450 grams of carb...right??????  and yes, just like a 
non-diabetic, anytihgn our body doesn't need for immedate energy will be 
stored as fat on our butt-tocks, or the repository of choice for your 
particular body type

Personally, I lost 8 pounds my first 3 months of pumping cuz I wrote 
everything down.  every morsel that went into my muth was logged...I hated 
having to write down "entire bag of Fritos" and the associated bolus...so I 
just didn't eat them at all.  As I got carb counting down and loosened my 
death grip on control, I got lax about the logging and gained the 8 pounds 
back...and since probably 10 more since i DO indulge in Ben and Jerry's and 
chinese food and pizza, and dnon't lke running high so I take the appropriate 

Another reason I think i have gained some weight is that I am less accurate 
wth my boluses.  For eample, my actual ratio is 1unit to 17 grams of carb, 
and 1 unit will lower me 55-60 points.  I tend to round the carb raio to 15, 
and the insulin ratio to 50, as those are nice easy numbers to do math in my 
head...so I am taking maybe .2 units too much...just barely over 
insulinating, but I know it must have a cumulative affect.

I have a goal to get back to doing my logs...I have a 20 year high school 
reunion coming up in a year!

Sara SP
ps good luck with the dress...

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