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[IP] new pumper frustrations

I am going to thank you in advance for letting me vent....

I have been on the pump now for about a week...thing is the first three days 
were heaven!  Except for a few insufficient boluses I was absolutely steady 
on only one basal!  Now my bloodsugars are all over the place.  Even when 
fasting in the am (I generally don't eat anything until 12-2pm as I'm not a 
morning person) my bloodsugars will rise one day, be stable the next and then 
rise at a different time on the third day.  I do not seem to have a strong 
dawn phenomena---during the night until about 8am is my steadiest time.  Now 
to top it off I am finding that a lot of the vegetarian foods which are 
common to my diet...healthy ones mind you..seem to send my bg flying...is it 
the soy protien content?  No one even has a suggestion on this occurance.  
And how do you account for that in a bolus when the food has hardly any 
carbs?  And get this...now I'm unexpectedly having that "female time of the 
month" that my CDE says removes all bets...  There just seems to be no rhyme 
or reason so we haven't been able to make any changes at all since I started. 
 I'm well used to working hard for good control...I've done it for years even 
testing 20 times a day to keep my A1C in the 6's...but to be stuck with so 
little understanding of why these ups and downs are occuring and what to do 
about them is making me batty!  I'm so tired (physically) I just don't know 
what to do with myself! Also I'm starting a new job very, very soon and I 
hate to enter a new workplace in such poor control.  I don't want my health 
to immediately become an issue.  Oy vey!
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