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[IP] Diet drink fountains connected to NON-DIET syrup

Think I found a way to get fast-food restaurants to understand the importance not
mixing hooking regular syrup to diet spouts!!!!

Last night I grabbed dinner at a fast-food restaurant with "serve yourself"
drinks. After finishing eating, I noticed that (without food) the drink tasted a
bit "funny" - tested with a used strip and it was "high-octane" and loaded with
sugar....  I was not happy and seemed completely unconcerned (but did change and
bleed the lines quickly)....

This morning I found out an interesting piece of information by calling the
county department of environmental health (health department), - this type of
thing is important enough to take a complaint. And they will send someone out to
"educate" the establishment about its importance.

Am I the only one who (after many problems) has thought to call a health

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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