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Re: [IP] Food for thought

We kind of re-visit the old days where the BGs are fine, but the weight can
creep up on us...Back to my non-diabetes days of "Oh, NO! It's too small!!"
We have to remember that the new found freedom does bring the possability of
weight gain, and deal with it.

Try to incorporate some exercise in your day;  cardio-funk 'dancercise' is
easy and fun!  Enjoy the non-diabetic foods within moderation just like any
"Normal" (?) person would and work the booty, to keep the weight off,
maintain heart health and such....

Common sense prevails re; the fats and starches and basic arithmatic about
cals in, cals out. will help in the true, Time immemorial "Battle of the

At first I gained weight because my body was storing energy more efficiantly
than before (on shots), and the key to eating those "unfriendly" foods is
the Exchanges....If I want that dessert, my dinner will normally be a modest
steak and a salad or veggie platter, then I have the dessert....At most, I
do this two times per week, and the following day, or in the day of the
planned 'indiscression' I lower fats and some protiens through the day, and
can cut out some carbs, too.
The ability to eat smaller meals and even forgoing a full-sized meal in
favour of snacks has a lot to do with the gaining and the loss of weight.
Do the math...
CHO=4 cals/gram
Prot=4 cals/gram
Fats=9 cals/gram
alcohol=7 cals/gram
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Alecia Wesner"

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