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RE: [IP] Food for thought

I can identify with this! I eat far less than the charts say I should to
sustain my current weight. I also walk for an hour 3 times a week, sometimes
more. In spite of this I am only losing between one and two pounds a month!
I also reach spots where I don't seem to lose for several weeks, then a
pound comes off seemingly all of a sudden. It's very frustrating.


> I'm stuck here now, though.  I've
> always had a
> problem with weight, my endo has told me that I have a very deficient
> metabolism and would always be a little overweight.  I think
> for some, what
> we eat is not the problem, I eat very little, I've even
> gained weight on the
> Weight Watcher's diet!  Even so, I'm still a size 16.  *sigh*
> RoseLea

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