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Re: [IP] Does The Pump Always Make a Difference

At 11:48 PM 8/17/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi:  As I am awaiting the approval of paperwork on a Minimed 508, I
>naturally have a bunch of questions. One thing I am concerned about, is
>if the pump always improves people's A1C results, and daily BG.

Not necessarily.

For me it didn't change my A1C much, and my daily BGs are about the same, 
if a a bit smoother.  But life with the pump makes maintaining in-range BG 
much easier.  Before the pump I was in tight control using MDI with NPH at 
night and no long term during the day.  I took 4 to 6 shots of regular each 
day to maintain my BG in range, and counted carbs, though I didn't know 
that's what it was called.  I couldn't sleep in on weekends, and I was 
always nervous about going low at night due to the NPH.  I was on this 
regimen for two years and, though my blood sugars were the best they had 
ever been, don't think I could have maintained it much longer.

Most important for me is that the pump greatly reduced my incidence of 
severe hypoglycemia.  I haven't been in the ER due to low blood sugar for a 
long time, and that is a wonderful thing.

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