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RE: [IP] Re: relationships and Steel Magnolias

I've have an even better one.  ConAir (circa 1997) had a guard on the plane
who was diabetic and in the crash his "Syringe" was broken and needed to get
his medication right away or he was going to die.  The ten hours he was
stuck on the plane had him showing all the signs of hypoglycemia not
hyperglycemia.  The needle was in a case and was glass and the size of a
giant footlong hotdog.  I was diagnosed in 1976 and everyone was using
disposables then.  Jan, didn't you say you had one of these in your
collection?  Maybe we can date the needle and really roll our eyeballs at
the portrayal.  Yikes!!!

Although, Steel Magnolias is definitely the movie that everyone who is
misinformed uses as a reference.  Growing up I heard too many times to
count, "You can't do that, I know because I saw it in Steel Magnolias", "I
know what your mom said, but you can't have that, I saw it in Steel
Magnolias", you get the picture and my frustration.

-- Sherry
Who is thinking of getting her indi-movie directory/writer/editor friend to
come up to Boston and film a mini-movie about life with D.  Have some
volunteers to show different sides of the picture?  I know my story isn't
the majority. ;)
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