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[IP] Food for thought

Having subscribed to the list for 2 months now, Iíve
noticed that many pumpers seem to eat some
stereotypically unfriendly diabetic foods.  I have
always wanted to loose a ďcouple poundsĒ.  I have
always watched my weight for both superficial and
health reasons.  Since becoming a pumper, I have eaten
a handful of high fat, carbohydrate and calorie LOADED
desserts.  Yes my BGís were still good (I've learned
my boluses), but these foods still arenít healthy.  I
also have been a bit more generous with my snacks.   I
have to fit into a size 8 dress tomorrow and Iím
starting to get a bit nervous (i'm feeling a bit
larger right now).  I guess Iím wondering if the
freedom of the pump often causes people to maybe
ďoverindulgeĒ.  Since there is a strong link between
diabetes and heart disease, I canít help but wonder if
the healthy lifestyles forced upon us with a diabetic
diet werenít always such a bad thing.  At the risk of
getting my head blown off by fellow pumpers, it seems
like in a day in age where there is so much
information regarding the dangers of obesity, changing
from shots and a restricted diets to a pump and eat
whatever/whenever, has some drawbacks.  So, Iím
curious, have many of you gained weight since starting
the pump?

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