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Re: [IP] more baloney (no carb) <g>

>If you have never been told NO YOU CAN NOT EAT THAT, you just DONT >understand!

Well, many of us non-D folks were also told "you can't eat that" many
times too. So we can understand a little, although not completely I'm
Shane said he snuck food all the time as a kid, and nothing and no one
could've stopped him (hmmm, might be a LITTLE ego there). He also said
it had nothing to do with being diabetic. As a non-D person I snuck
plenty of food as a kid too. You know, mom says "dinner is in half an
hour, don't eat that cookie cause it will spoil your dinner", so you eat
the cookie anyway because 1. you are hungry NOW, not in 1/2 hour, and 2.
mom said not too. Same goes for when mom said "you may have 1 piece of
cake" (so you eat 3). And for dad's special stash of Oreos that no one
else is supposed to eat and you know they are hidden in the kitchen
somewhere so you get up at 4am and search the whole place until you find
them and make yourself sick eating so many. Shane said those are
basically the same reasons he cheated. So, Shane's suggestion:
start checking your daughter's BG every 2 hours (or more often) all day
every day. Then if she sneaks something you will catch the high and
correct it quickly. Likely she is not gonna like this. Tell her you are
sorry, but as long as she eats food without telling you, you have to do
this. Tell her she may have snacks, but must tell you so you can give
the bolus. Tell her if she can make it X days (you pick X) without
sneaking, then you will tesk less often. If she holds up her end of the
deal, make sure to hold up yours. Also make sure she knows that if she
starts sneaking again you will go back to the 2 hour testing.
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