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[IP] Re:diabetes and dating

When my now-husband and I started to get serious, and then got engaged,
his mom had a hard time with it. It seems that her best friend died from
diabetes complications, and she did not want her son to get hurt by
having to watch his wife die a similar, painful, death. It took a lot of
courage on her part, but I sat the whole family down and went through all
the basics with them. They were really open, and I had to keep repeating
that I was in good control and had tried my whole life to avoid
complications. Of course, I had to do this without implying that her
friend was in bad control--I just said that a lot of changes had occurred
in diabetes care, and I was lucky to be around for them. The only
mis-information that got passed around somehow was that his mom thought I
should eat only non-fat foods, but she seems to be off that kick now
(thank god! the stuff tastes awful). When I got the pump, we had another
sit-down, and that worked well too. Now, she's reading my "pumping
insulin" book. I think the frequent testing actually helps set her mind
at ease.

Maureen M.

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