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Re: [IP] c-Peptide Assay

A. Bender, M. D. wrote:

>  If you have had any DKA for all practical purposes you have T1 diabetes
>  and have no functioning islet cell tissue. The c=peptide is as good as zero.
> Too much emphasis is placed on this test which has no clinical value
> whatsoever.

I would agree pretty strongly with that, and generalize it even more:
ALL diabetics, no matter what their type, need to be treated in the most
effective manner. Effective includes both lab values indicative of good
control AND patient perception of quality of life. For some, that means
exercise and healthier eating, for some, it means pills, and for some,
it means insulin. To arbitrarily base ANY treatment decisions on a
c-peptide strikes me as ridiculous. 

Case in point: What if an honest-to-god, true-blue Type 1 develops
severe Type 2-style insulin resistance in middle age? Some do, you know!
Are they to be denied access to insulin-sensitizers? Well, ye-e-e-e-e-s,
because of the stupid "type" restrictions. Aren't the docs smart enough
to know that a Type 1 will never be able to go on oral ALONE, but that
orals may be a good addition to insulin for some people? 

So, anyway, why did Medicare establish that asinine c-peptide
requirement ?? Especially given that the test has such a huge potential
for error?

Only reason I can think of is discrimination against Type 2's, and
perpetuation of fat-lazy-slob myths about them.

I hope Pixie takes it all the way to the top, if necessary -- it
shouldn't matter what type she has (she's clearly in the type weird
category, anyway!) -- what should matter is that she gets the treatment
she needs!

And I hope the medical establishment bulges out of its pigeonhole
mentality and discovers that merely calling people one type or the other
just doesn't cut it -- we don't say YMMV for nothing, ya know!

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