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[IP] Pixie

Dear Pixie: 

Get another Endo ASAP and challenge your insurance company to show you in
writing.  They are practicing medicine w/o a license to say your c-pep must
be such & such to wear pump.  Get your Doctor, Minimed Reps, and Endo need
to work this issue with you.  I get so mad at insurance people when stuff
like this happens.  I am so grateful for my BC/BS coverage, and yes, I have
to fight so often and get so tired of it.  But without it I would be dead,
cause I could not afford the Rx and supplies. 

Hang in there, Pixie, and make some phone calls...raise some hell, your
mental and physical health are worth everything!  And we are here to support
you and be with you all the way! 
Keep us posted!

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