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Re: [IP] more baloney (no carb) <g>

Very well said, Curtis.  To pump or not to pump should not even be a 
factor in this issue.  Why would anyone consider taking the pump 
away?  The sneaking food problem would still be there and sneaking 
food or eating extra food on MDI would STILL be a problem if extra 
insulin wasn't given.  There would be nothing gained, but a huge loss 
in the freedom from injections, not having to worry about background 
insulins and how they factor into the equation and their peak times, 
duration, etc. etc., being able to fine-tune insulin with small 
adjustments (highly beneficial for younger children), being able to 
sleep in, and all the other benefits of the pump.

I agree with the previous posts who feel a five year old eating food 
isn't an act which needs disciplined.  There were great suggestions 
on fixing the problem by offering a special treat or reward of some 
kind if she can go x number of hours without eating carbs.  You might 
even give her a timer which will indicate when her fasting time is 
up.  5 year olds don't have a real concept of time so this might give 
her a goal and turn it into a game.  After each 1/2 to one hour the 
alarms sounds and she can have a small snack (non-carb of course). 
Just a thought.  I think the key is getting your goal accomplished 
but not causing any more stress to your daughter's life.  You sound 
like very conscientious parents who want to do what's right.  I'm 
sure you'll get it figured out.  Please let us know what your 
solution was when you do.  It may serve to help other parents with 
the same issues.

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx at age 9, pumping since 7/99 and
Micah, age 10

>All points well taken.  Sara
>However, You knew there would be a however, A 5yr old that sneaks food on
>MDI would have inferior control compared to an equal effort on pumping.
>A 5 yr old probably drops over 100 points for 1 unit H.  Have you ever tried
>to pull up 0.1U with syringe?
>I guess your turkey dinner example is the point to me also.  But I see it as
>a discipline issue not a D issue, because with a pump it is not a D issue
>unless you are testing basal/bolus stuff.
>I don't care if the reason for refusing food is because it is too close to
>dinner or we are doing a basal test.
>So the purpose of going back to MDI is what?  Better control?  Is pumping a
>privilege to be lost by non-compliance?  I can't see what is gained by going
>back to MDI and I do mean BACK.
>At the same point in time after diagnosis of my kid, I was in a foggy haze
>of depression.  I was just as befuddled by the control of MDI as this family
>is by tuning the pump.  They need time, the kid needs time.  Expectations of
>the pump run pretty high.  When it doesn't happen over night you start
>asking why.  So many people post about how great the control is.  Going back
>to MDI gains nothing.
>Do you really think that being on MDI during your teens was better for you
>than if you had been on a pump?
>Curtis Lomax

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