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[IP] a1cs eeek

Kimberly wrote
> Had my A1C's done - they were over 11.0!
> Um... this is why I subscribed to this list -- to get back on track.
> Ouch! Ignorance is SO not "bliss!"

Don't kick yourself too hard...lots of unanswered questions here
1) how long have you been pumping?
2) what were your A1cs BEFORE pumping
3) have you been futzing around with basal/bolus adjustments
4) Have you requested a 2nd test from the lab cuz SOMETIMES they are wrong

We will collectively help you kick your butt, but not til you rule out that 
the 11 is a GOOD thing..is it DOWN from 13?  Then yahhooo!!  If it is UP 
significantly, then I would want to have a 2nd one done.

Have you been pumping 2 months? or 2 years?  

Don't worry...it will get better

and THANK You for having the courage to post your results.  Many people 
probably feel intimadated by "everyone on IP" having such "great" A1cs...5.8, 
6.2, and so on, so they think they are "bad" or not doing it right..they are 
ashamed to post their 7.9s and 8.2s cuz that is not in the so-called 
"perfect" range....

Good luck



I'd hang my head in shame but it keeps snapping up in reaction to my
kicking my own *ss.

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