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[IP] c-Peptide Assay

The assay for c-peptide is easily messed up chiefly by mishandling of the 
specimen in the lab or in transit. The assay is not subjective but is an 
objective measurement of how fast the c=peptide moves in a gel substance 
per hour when subjected to an electrical high voltage. The serum protein is 
then calculated and the % of c-peptide is figured from this amount. The 
result is mg/100cc of plasma. Lots of lplaces for mistakes to happen. If 
you have had any DKA for all practical purposes you have T1 diabetes and 
have no functioning islet cell tissue. The c=peptide is as good as zero. 
Too much emphasis is placed on this test which has no clinical value 
whatsoever. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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