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RE: [IP] Hello I'm having a problem with my pump

Only the obvious suggestions:

1) Open a new bottle of insulin and try that.  It is possible the current
one has gone bad, was bad, etc.  There have been some noted cases on this
list of receiving bad bottles of H. (ie. Got to Hot/Cold during
transportation).  Also, supposedly H becomes less effective after being open
a month.

2) Check your pump, is it possible that your basals where cleared out after
an alarm.  I am not familiar with the D-Tron or H-Tron but I know the MM
will clear the basals if it has certain types of alarms.

3) Are you getting sick?  Have you started eating/drinking something new or
more often? Are you on new medication?  Is the moon full? 

4) Also many people have noted that their basal rates change with the
seasons.  Personally I have been running a little on the low side this
summer and should probably cut mine back.  You may be running on the high
side for similar reasons.

Best of luck,
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