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[IP] Tennis Ball

Jan and Blunda Sue said >>>>>>SNIPL>>>>I have a chart for eyeballing foods:
A deck of cards is the size of a 3 oz.
piece of skinless, boneless breast-meat chicken; a tennis ball is the size
of 1/2 cup of veggies; a *normal* size fist is equal to 1 cup; a tennis ball
is 1 oz. of cheese; the old-style widemouth (you young'uns won't remember
that one) mayo jar lid is the size of 3 oz. cooked hamburger (a
quarter-pounder); and sliced cheese/cold cuts are usually one ounce.
Hope this helps someone.  BTW, I once bought a McD's reg. hamburger and took
it home to weigh just the meat. ONE ounce!!<<<<<<<<SNIP.  

Hi Jan, I have the same "scale", deck of cards, fist, etc., (works
everywhere but chinese food),  but I think the Tennis Ball = 1 oz cheese,
may be a bit off.  1 inch squared is a bit more than 1 oz.  Maybe a
ping-pong ball, or just one inch squared...but surely you didn't mean a
tennis ball of cheese.. However, if you have stats that prove that size is
one ounce, as a absolute cheese addict - I am in piggy heaven cause I am
gonna go stock up and eat more of smoked gouda, Tillamook extra sharp, feta,
Mozzerella, Blue/Roquefort (sp), Brie, etc. 
Bonnie Richardson

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