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Subject: [IP] Day Three

Hi Sherry,
Congrats on pumping.  I have never understood the rational behind the "set"
boluses unless you're also eating a "set" amount of carbohydrates.  If
you're not eating a set amount of carbohydrates, all you end up with is
frustrating lows and highs.  An e-friend went through this with her
daughter's start up, and let me tell you, they never did get anywhere until
the mom finally insisted that they were going to do carb counting and bolus
according to the carb counts.  Then, it fell in place pretty quickly.  So,
my advice is, eat the food that matches those boluses  - and if you really
can't do it, then insist to your trainer that you start carb counting.  Will
save you a lot of frustration.

Nancy Morgan

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