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Re: [IP] more baloney (no carb) <g>

> drawer...POOF we were never there...
You are bringing back memories for me like you wouldnt believe.
> While you could not pry me loose of preshuuusss now,
Yes, speaking of preshuuussss, that came up in chat last night.  My pumps
name is Uppity Bitch.
Jennifer Sutherland said you were (your pump) the original Uppity Bitch.
And here I thought
that I was.  I had an IM name of Uppity Bitch and had to change it cause a
sister in law (one that
I like) wouldnt talk to me with the other name.  BTW........im now ICUtalk2
on aim.   Do you
have a screen name or dont you want to be bothered with this stuff?

ps: i decided to write to these people who think i sent some chain
letter........but maybe i shouldnt
i shouldnt have to defend myself aganst these
A$$holes...........ummmm...nother attachment