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Re: [IP] Does The Pump Always Make a Difference

At 10:48 PM 08/17/00 Laura L. Shapiro wrote:
 >Hi:  As I am awaiting the approval of paperwork on a Minimed 508, I
 >naturally have a bunch of questions. One thing I am concerned about, is
 >if the pump always improves people's A1C results, and daily BG.

The short answer is no. The pump can help, but there are too many other 
variables involved. I personally have seen no difference... but in a sense 
that's OK. Because, for the same A1cs I have expanded my horizons 500%. I 
can be flexible in my schedules and been able to live a much less rigid 
life. As an example, after 20 years of MDI, I can now eat when I'm hungry, 
not when it's time to eat. I've even skipped meals. You can also easily 
cover for sweets and other treats without too much fuss.

For me, my A1c's don't come down because I am "brittle" and find it almost 
impossible to maintain any sort of consistency. I also react very slowly to 
Humalog and find that it peaks closer to 3 hours later. Very frustrating. 
But, everyone is different. For some people the pump makes a tremendous 
difference. For others the changes are much less dramatic. But for me, the 
freedom that the pump provides still makes it all worthwhile, no matter 
what the A1c's say.

 >I guess what I want to know is if the constant supply of insulin makes
 >that much of a difference, because I detect from reading others messages
 >that you can still make major miscalculations in carb counting, and
 >still end up in the higher range.

You can make errors, whether on MDI or on the pump. No difference there. 
The nice thing, however is that highs are easier to correct since you don't 
have to go someplace to give yourself an injection... you can bolus 
anywhere (even at the dinner table). I personally find that the swings 
between highs and lows to be much less on the pump than on MDI. You'll 
still have them though. There's no way to do this thing perfectly... at 
least not that I've found. You'll get used to the carb counting and it'll 
become second nature to you. Just be patient... it takes a few months 
sometimes, to get the basals correct and to figure out what your carb/basal 
ratios are.


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