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Re: [IP] Does The Pump Always Make a Difference

Like anything else diabetic, the pump takes thinking and reasoning. If you
miscalculate, you miscalculate...but you learn from it and go on.
When the brain is engaged in the endeavor to use a pump, the majority of
users have improved control. The time we don't see any improvement is when
say, someone gets a pump and forgets about testing their levels, forgets
about eating well and forgets exercise....Thinking the pump will do it all
for them......WRONG.
If you read, test, and test some more and glean knowledge from these
results, if you have a working knowledge about how foods affect you and what
exercise does for you, You'll be brilliant at pumping. You will see the
results in the HbA1c, and in a lot of cases, your general moods and feelings
too.  You'll have a month or two of adjustments and surprizes about what
potatoes au gratin may do to you, but in time you'll be as used to it as you
are to your toothbrush.
Have fun and the best to you in this.
Jenny S.
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From: "Laura L. Shapiro"
Subject: [IP] Does The Pump Always Make a Difference

> if the pump always improves people's A1C results, and daily BG.
> I guess what I want to know is if the constant supply of insulin makes
> that much of a difference, because I detect from reading others messages
> that you can still make major miscalculations in carb counting, and
> still end up in the higher range.
> I think I have a slight fear that if I get one, I wont be any better
> off--which is probably not true, but still a concern.
> Maybe someone here can understand what I'm getting at.  Feel free to
> write me back, please!

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