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[IP] more baloney (no carb) <g>

All points well taken.  Sara

However, You knew there would be a however, A 5yr old that sneaks food on
MDI would have inferior control compared to an equal effort on pumping.

A 5 yr old probably drops over 100 points for 1 unit H.  Have you ever tried
to pull up 0.1U with syringe?

I guess your turkey dinner example is the point to me also.  But I see it as
a discipline issue not a D issue, because with a pump it is not a D issue
unless you are testing basal/bolus stuff.

I don't care if the reason for refusing food is because it is too close to
dinner or we are doing a basal test.

So the purpose of going back to MDI is what?  Better control?  Is pumping a
privilege to be lost by non-compliance?  I can't see what is gained by going
back to MDI and I do mean BACK.

At the same point in time after diagnosis of my kid, I was in a foggy haze
of depression.  I was just as befuddled by the control of MDI as this family
is by tuning the pump.  They need time, the kid needs time.  Expectations of
the pump run pretty high.  When it doesn't happen over night you start
asking why.  So many people post about how great the control is.  Going back
to MDI gains nothing.

Do you really think that being on MDI during your teens was better for you
than if you had been on a pump?

Curtis Lomax

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