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[IP] Re: C-Peptide

This is in response to Sharon's? question about receiving results of a normal
c-peptide even though she is type 1. My heart goes out to you for I posted a
month or two back about having the same experience. I have had diabetes 29
years (since age 12) with lots of DKA episodes and have all of the
complications. When my endo received a 0.7 reading back he and I both were
angry. I cried and he assured me that the lab who did the test was lousy and
he had the same problem with other pts. who had diabetes even longer than me.
I learned that the test is a hard assay to do and you have to deal with a
reliable lab. They redrew the blood and sent it off to a reliable lab and it
came back below normal at less than 0.3. He said that everybody's results even
if they are type 1 and have a dead pancreas like mine would have the numbers
range from 0-1.0 if you tested them each day for a week( in other words it
varies alot). I learned a valuable lesson that day that blood tests are not
always accurate or tell the true story of what's going on and to rely on your
instincts and be retested if in doubt which is what I would recommend to you,

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