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[IP] 5 yr old and sneaking snacks -

Posted by my wife Lori on another list......but thought it was quite well 
written and pertinent:

Kevin-- I do not have any experience with young diabetics and sneaking 
food ( Allie was diagnosed at 11 1/2), however as a teacher of young 
children, I have a lot of experience with what is normal and expected 
behavior of young children, so maybe I can shed some light on this 
situation. First of all, all 5 year olds want things they can't have, love treats, 
and tend to stretch the truth. They also have very little sense of what being 
patient is all about ( many 25, 35, and 45 year olds have trouble with that 
also). Therefore, I wouldn't be so disappointed in your daughter--she is 
doing her job as a five year old. 

As far as your job as parents, and I know you are doing a great job with 
that under VERY difficult circumstances, it is to educate about nutrition and 
about the problems associated with her sneaking food, and to encourage 
her to talk about her food desires. I would also add in a special treat time , 
where she could chose a special snack and cover it with insulin. On a 
practical level, I would keep very little sweet snack food in the house, so 
that she can not find as much to sneak and stress the importance of 
always asking mommy and daddy for food before eating anything. My older 
children still ask if they can take something before they eat a snack. Don't 
be too hard on yourselves or on you daughter and don't take her off the 
pump for this reason. You can work it out and the pump will be the best 
thing for her to be on in the years to come. Be patient with her, she's young 
and is dealing with a lot in her life --the diagnosis, a new sibling, a new 
school year starting etc. Good luck and keep in touch ...  

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