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Re: [IP] Sneaking Food.....Kinda long

I was not going to respond to this because I felt my situation was different 
but here goes....I did sneak food when I was younger (I was dxed at age 6 but 
his occurred mainly during my pre-teenage years).  I did however do this when 
I got older.  The only difference was that I took insulin to cover for what I 
was eating so that I did not have the highs.  Needless to say when my parents 
did find out I was doing this, they were not happy either.  They were glad 
though that I was smart enough to know that I needed to cover what I ate.  I 
would have told my child the way that it was explained to me by my DE.  She 
told me I would be able to have a treat on occasion.  My parents did, as a 
child, allow me to have special treats like when we had parties at school. We 
adjusted accordingly.  I do, as 22 year old, realize that I cannot eat 
everything I want all the time and I as a 6 year old realized this too.  But 
that is ME!!!!!  Not everyone.  I did however have a problem with this when I 
got older and was teased by other children b/c I was different.  I, as many 
others have stated, went through a period where I did not take care of my 
diabetes like I should have.  I too have been lucky that I have no 
complications from this.  But I remember being picked on because I had to eat 
a special diet and could not eat the same things as the other children.  I do 
remember how hard it is to be diabetic as all of us do, but especially how 
hard it is to be a child who is diabetic.  For most children, it is totally 
not comprehendible.

I can offer you the way I felt when my parents confronted me.  My parents did 
fuss and yell at me!  I did not like that.  When they did yell, I just 
rebelled even more.  Like others have suggested, work special treats into 
meals and snacks.  One thing I have learned as a nutrition major is to not 
totally cut a child who is diabetic off.  Even a plain, no icing cupcake is a 
treat!  Not as good, but still a treat.  The idea of putting a treat into a 
lunch with how much to bolus is a perfect idea!  If your child knows that you 
are not going to be angry if she does cheat but tells you she ate something, 
she will come around eventually.  Maybe you can compromise with her.  Say 
that maybe everyday at lunch or dinner or snack, whenever, she can choose a 
treat of her choice (within reason).  I have had kids tell me they want a 
whole Hershey bar as their snack.  When this happens, I compromise with them. 
 As part of their snack they can have a serving of a bar.  I have never had a 
child refuse this offer.

I have rambled enough. Good luck. Having been in your daughters position, as 
many of us have, I know how hard it is on everyone.
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