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[IP] more baloney (no carb) <g>

Now Curtis, i would respectfully disagree with you.  :-) and please dont take 
this as an attack cuz I am NOT.  I think you have a rather more attuned grasp 
on the D than many dads (or moms) and have a lot of respect for your words....

First of all, MDI is not 100% inferior.  I know at least 4 people PERSONALLY, 
as in in the flesh, who maintain "perfect" A1Cs using MDIs...one girl tests 
her blood 8-9 times a day...she carb counts, she uses humalog at meals and to 
correct highs, I think she used Lente or UL as a basal insulin.  She has had 
diabetes 33 years and no complications...and does not want a pump!  If it 
ain't broke....now, of course, in the hands of so-called medical 
professionals, MDI can and does turn stone age, and most of us HERE would 
consider it barbaric to have to resort to MDI again...

> If a kid without D was sneaking food you would think they needed 
> to eat more.

not neceesarily.  If the child is a couch potato zombie and the doctor has 
warned that if he doesnt lose some weight and get some exercise, he could 
develop Type 2 diabetes...all those efforts to save the child from the 
complications by enforcing a diet are thrown down the tube if the kid sneaks 
pop tarts out of the pantry!

> But you've got to feed the kid enough so they are not hungry 
> all of the time. They need to follow the rules.  Now if they asked 
> for food and you said no and they ate it anyway...big trouble.  
> But none of it D related, just normal kid related.

Well i dont think the point was that the kid was being starved.  I think she 
was sneaking extra food in without telling so that no bolus was 
administered...and then seeing wacky numbers at test time... People without 
diabetes saying someone is sneaking extra food cuz they "must need" it, they 
must not be getting enough to eat, otherwise they wouldnt be eating, or 
blaming the bouncing blood sugars on need for this that or the other 
nutrient, have perhaps never been in OUR orthopedically correct and well 
fitting shoes.  If  you have never been told NO YOU CAN NOT EAT THAT, you 
just DONT understand!  It doesn't matter if you just ate a turkey dinner with 
stuffing...when they put apple pie on the table and say NOT FOR YOU...we, 
(the honest ones), are gonna find some way to eat it, just to prove you 
wrong, just to prove WE have the power, just cuz we have no self control, 
just CUZ...As a pumper, we might take an extra BIG serving a la mode, and 
bolus for it, but in the olden days,  it was different, it may not be at the 
dinner table in front of you...but maybe late at night after you have gone to 
bed...we will cut a narrow piece off of each side so it is barely noticeable 
- no crumbs anywhere and the fork, licked clean and returned to the 
drawer...POOF we were never there...

While you could not pry me loose of preshuuusss now, I would probably be DEAD 
right now if I had a pump when I was 12 or 15 or 18 or even 24. I did not 
have the level of maturity (yes, maturity, shaddup Sam!), or the appreciation 
of LIFE and VISION, that I got smashed into my face when I had my first bleed 
at 26.  I have the control of the pump and when and why it comes off me.  If 
I am 5 or 12 or 18 and don't have the mental ability to cope with it, then 
the person who DOES have the mental ability needs to maintain the control of 
when and why it comes off

> Dad says don't eat, they better not eat without permission or 
> there will be consequences, now, not retinopathy later. 

See we do agree...threats about my feet falling off never did me any 
good...being prohibited from driving the car to the game on friday night 
worked WONDERS

> (why do they call you that if you never wear them?)

I DO wear them....sigh sigh sigh...ONE night I reported that I had dropped 
pressshuuuss 4 times cuz there was nothing to clip him to...then we got 
started talking about my chat and I mentioned it was clothing optional...and 
someone just took it from there....just FYI I ALWAYS wear underwear...and 
nice clean ones too...I live in NYC for gods sake, what if I am hit by a 
bus...wouldn't want my mom to be mortified!! (cuz you know that would be her 
FIRST concern, not what my bg was....just kidding...my mama rules)

NYC Sara
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