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[IP] Day three

<the endo and trainer put me on "set" boluses for meals (9 units for 
breakfast, 8 for lunch, 9 for dinner).  This doesn't make any sense to me. >

Congrats on successful day three. The med. team I went to also gave me a 
bolus rate to go by and I was confused, too. Interested in what you hear 
about boluses.They based mine on most recent mealplan. Mine is 6u am. / 4 u 
lunch/ 4 u dinner and works O.K. but I play around a lot. Larger boluses here 
or there for meals that are larger, plus using the variable rates with 

Do you use sof-serter? I do and like using butt sites. I hardly feel 
insertion and seems more comfortable. Maybe you'd like to try that for 
sleeping on stomach. Just an idea. I've done tilting thing, too.

Have a great weekend and good luck.
Beth H. & Oscar
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