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[IP] Need serious help

My heart goes out to you - but that won't help you. But, could you contact
your congressman or if there is such a thing like we have called Contact 16.
That is channel 16 and they help resolve situations. If someone like that
would get involved, maybe this could cause a change. GET ON IT, Dear!
Jan  http://maxpages.com/bludasue

> Subject: [IP] Need serious help
> On the 23rd I
> have to get a C-peptide done (my last one was .8, not good enough for my
> insurers!)and the results will decide literally, if I can keep my pump or
> not. I cannot afford to pay for the necesseary supplies so if my insurance
> (Medicare/Medicaid) will not cover it, I'm SOL and Fluffy I and II go into
> storage until I win the lottery or something else miraculous. I was
> told I'd have to go back on MDI if my C-peptide is not .5 or less. I just
> can't handle going back on MDI, while I know it's not the end of the
> world, for me it's hell.
> Without my pump, I fear I will start cuttting or hurting myself again
> having sugars under control and less ways to break my skin intentionally
> made me feel worlds better.Since pumping, I've actually been happy.
> I just can't lose my right/privilage to pump!
> Randi Pixie Bruner

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