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Re: [IP] Dating/relationships

>This is my first posting to any kind of list anywhere, so please bear with 
>me.  And thank you for letting me join your party (I don't have diabetes; 
>I am just madly in love with my husband who does).

Pretty darn good for your first post, I enjoyed it.  :-)  It's always nice 
to know that there are people out there that don't see diabetes or any 
other "problem" as a curse.

>concerned that I did not ask more questions about his diabetes but let it 
>drop when it first came up.  Since then I have willingly and slowly picked 
>up volumes of information and it is simply a part of our daily lives like 
>my allergies (flowers, grass, mildew, mold, dust, trees, etc.), which he 
>has had to adjust to.

Yep.  Sadly but true, you are in the minority.  I think Sam said it well, 
so I'll shut up before I blow it.  :-)

>My husband is an extraordinary man and the pastor of a church (which, by 
>the way, he says he could not do if not for his insulin pump because of 
>the flexibility it gives him).   Having diabetes gives him a unique 
>perspective on life and a certain compassion that he would not otherwise have.

Yep, and that's how I feel about me.  At times I wonder who and what I 
would be if I hadn't had diabetes since I was three, but you know what, it 
just doesn't matter.  I respect my beliefs, morals, and ethics, and in part 
I think a big part of who I am is because of living with diabetes most of 
my life.  I also probably wouldn't have met some really great people along 
the way.

Fran, who says cheers to all the partners, spouses, and friends that love 
us for who we are and not because we have diabetes.  And mostly who haven't 
"dumped" us because of having diabetes.

ps.  Thanks Pooh Bear for a great post  :-)

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