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Re: [IP] Carb counting, basal & bolus rates & too much life

Linda Z wrote:

> Ruth, it may be too cumbersome when you aren't home (measures about
> 8"x11"x1.5", a little big for most purses <gr>), but I love my Soehnle
> programmable scale I got at Diabetes Mall (diabetesnet.com).  There is a
> for different kinds of fruit, for instance, so that when you weigh it you
> get a reading for carbohydrate count in the amount of that fruit that you

> have on the scale.  For instance, I press "on" and wait for the 0, press
> "125", then put my banana on it and press the carb button to get my

This scale sounds neat, but I didn't see brand names on the diabetes mall
website (except in the contest which I did enter.) But the dimensions of
the following scale match and the picture matches the contest Soehnle.  Is
the following the same scale?

> The Diet-Health Computer Scale
> The ultimate gram scale to weigh foods and compute nutritional values.
Memorizes what
> you've eaten during the day, then gives a readout of the day's calories,
carbs, fats,
> proteins and cholesterol! Fun and easy to use. 400 food databank, 7"
diameter stainless
> steel platter, weigh up to 2,000 grams (4.5 lbs) in 1 to 2 gram
increments, tare,
> auto-off, 9 volt lithium battery. Program your own foods, plus a port to
connect it to
> your computer (software and cable not included). 8" x 11" x 2". Lithium
battery included.
> Great Value: sold elsewhere at $170, save 25% at $127.50!

And if so, has anyone gotten it cheaper on another site or at a kitchen
store?  (I'm in the So. NH/Greater Boston area)  One last question on the
scale,  is the "125" some carb factor value that you programmed into the
scale, or is it listed on a chart as "125=banana"? Is the databank
prepopulated?  What's up with the computer connection?


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