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[IP] Diabetes, ADA, and Wilderness laws?

This may be politically controvertial, so beware!  But, it is
related somewhat to diabetes, and the ADA...  If you don't
live in the USA, don't bother reading this...

I live in Colorado, and we have seen more than our share of Federal
public lands being fenced off, and signs errected to keep people
from driving into these areas. 

I of course am diabetic, and see these closures as restrictive to
those who are diabetic, or disabled in general.  Back during my
teen years (70's), I covered so many of these backwoods places, and
enjoyed it all.  Today, nearly all of these places have been fenced off,
and access is limited to only an ELITE FEW.  Those who are either HEALTHY
enough to hike for miles (days even), or are WEALTHY enough to buy and
use a horse, are the only ones who can access these area's deeper spots!

I have begun to contact Congress, to make my complaints known.  Sadly,
with environmentalism being the politically correct thing to do, I am
facing an up hill battle... 

Here's one of the biggest problems with this Wilderness initiative craze
in Washington....  Only a handfull of Western States have lands that contain
potential Wilderness areas, meaning that those states affected are in the
minority.  The majority of states, do not have lands that are affected by 
the votes on these "politically correct" laws, but for the sake of gaining
the public's favor, vote for such Wilderness laws.  I actually do NOT know
any people in Colorado, who are happy with the outcome of these laws, and most
people I know are angry about these closures.  

I myself, would enjoy at least mountain biking into some of these areas (with
a companion of course), but MOUNTAIN BIKING IS ILLEGAL TOO!!!   Can you
believe that?!

If you feel like it, please contact you representatives in Congress, and
make them re-think this whole issue - especially with the thought, that
if these areas are closed, you as a diabetic, will probably never seen
them ever.    Sadly, if you have never vacationed here, or in other Western
states, and seen these beautiful areas, your window of opportunity is closing
fast.  I am quite scared at how rapidly the land is being closed as wilderness,
or te BLM has been closing lands for "environmental" reasons, and the
Forest Service is wanting "roadless" forests.  The roadless effort is
a very well planned way of opening up more land for Wilderness protection,
and getting closed forever too (roadless ares are potential wilderness by 

Washington needs to be more careful in these laws!  I view these 
Wilderness laws as a direct attack on my ability to visit these areas
as a diabetic!!  If those in the majority of states (East) don't speak up,
those of us in the West, will lose access to beautiful land in our own


A disgruntled wilderness lover, who is locked out...

This "gift" of Wilderness protection by Washington, has become a curse in

WB0DPN - Pueblo, Colorado
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