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[IP] Re: Child sneaking food

Kevin wrote:
>>My wife and I are besides are self with grief. My wife is home with her,
and has been on this a month, neglecting our other kids (the youngest is
8-weeks), and getting up overnight to check BG's, while our daughter is
sabatoging her efforts. We are also surprised by the lying, and
deceitfulness of the act. >>

I have stayed out of this thread but have not seen a take on this from
anyone else in what I see: First, since Christmas this 5 y/o is
dealing with a completely different lifestyle, even though her daddy is a
DMer, he's *other people.* Then two months ago a new baby entered the house,
and there was already another child younger than she. This is all a lot to
handle in 5 short years. We all want our children to be unlike the others'
who have spoiled brats, and comply to all our wishes. We too soon find out
they are *real* human beings and not puppets. A new baby requires a lot of
attention. I presume your wife spent a day or two in the hospital for
delivery. She probably can't comprehend that and could have seen it as
another loss in her life. *I* think she is handling all this in her own way
to take some control to make it all go away and be like it was before
Christmas - no DM and no new baby who requires a lot of attention. Sibling
rivalry exists without having DM to cope with.

Some have said to put her back on shots. If she is still sneaking food (as
she ADMITTEDLY was) with shots, I fail to see how that would help. Doesn't
the pump give the opportunity to bring down a high without allowing it to
sustain? I guess the solution would be to test every two hours and correct.
Then if she questions why so many tests explain to her that since you don't
know what she has been eating to bolus at the time, you must do this, but,
if she will tell you, you can bolus at the same time. Bolusing at the same
time means knowing what/when she's eating. Then after awhile, explain that
with an experiment (don't call it fasting) you can set the pump to help
control, then the snacks will be easier to bolus for when/what she wants. I
like the idea of her helping prepare *fun foods.* I have a Salad Ship recipe
that if you'd like would be FUN to make/eat. Also a Bunny Salad, and
Sunshine Salad. The ship would help do the fasting (oops, Experiment).

Since I'm still alive after 5 decades of this with the first 3+ decades of
basals, boluses, home BGs, Humalog, even etc., a year or two of bolusing for
corrections seems everyone would be happier campers.
My new *gold* dollar's worth. YMMV
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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