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[IP] Heidi's Family

SNIP>>>>>>>>This also never came up in my 
way-too-prolific family (150 immediate family members on my side).  I  
talked my husband into doing a mini-presentation around the kitchen  
table for my 9 y.o. niece and 6 y.o. nephew.  Of course my sisters and 
Mom were right there as well bcs they are so nosy.  They were held in 
completely rapt attention for 30 minutes+ as he explained diabetes,
showed them the site, tested, ate, and tested again.  (Including the 5
y.o. who pushed the big people around to get a better seat).  This is 
excellent because they have now gone from ignorant 
imagination and better after I told them if they seem him acting goofy or if
he crashes  
to the floor, just give him some juice and he'll be fine in a few 
minutes.           My husband is an extraordinary man and the pastor of a
church (which, by
the way, he says he could not do if not for his insulin pump because of 
the flexibility it gives him).   Having diabetes gives him a unique 
perspective on life and a certain compassion that he would not otherwise
have.  (This is not to say that I wouldn't jump at a cure for him if it 
came.)  Enough (perhaps way too much) said.    Let me know if this is too
long and I will try to be more concise next 
time.   Heidi (a.k.a. Pooh Bear)<<<<<<<<<SNIP

Will your family adopt me?   What a wonder example of a loving, alive,
curious and delightful family.   How lucky you are to have them and your
wonderful husband.    

With my family (father, step mother, brother, sister in law, neices,
nephews, son and his family, etc.,) only my daughter, 37 yrs who still lives
with me, has shown any interest in my diabetes.  She went through the
training with me, and now lives with me.  They all know about my pump, but
rarely ask anything about me, pump, or diabetes.   Sometimes I think they
don't care, but then, I realize that because I am "always OK", I am getting
what I give, I guess.    

Your family does sound wonderful though.  I don't have many family members
living close by so that makes a difference too. Please enjoy them all and be
grateful for them.  I don't mean to sound like Eyore (sighing).  Guess I
just miss the family gatherings we used to have.  
Thanks for sharing your great family story. 
Bonnie Richardson

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