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Re: [IP] Dating/relationships

At 07:19 AM 08/17/00 Heidi Olsen wrote:
>I realize that I'm preaching to the choir, but I find it puzzling that any 
>person would decide not to have an intimate relationship with someone 
>because he or she has diabetes.

All too often people expect their future mate to be a storybook, TV image 
of a perfect person. Because of their unreal expectations (and immaturity?) 
they just can't handle life-threatening conditions like diabetes. It makes 
me wonder how theses people would handle problems that crop up after 
marriage... bad stuff does happen, no matter what the best intentions are. 
If you make a real emotional commitment it is truly for better and for 
worse. The latter is just as likely as the former unfortunately. There are 
no guarantees in life, despite what the movies show.

>I've also heard of families who do not want their child/sibling/whatever 
>to marry someone with diabetes.

This topic comes up constantly. It's scary when people start trying to 
select a lifetime partner based on what they perceive as genetics. After 
all, there are lots of genetic conditions that we could all potentially 
have, but just don't know about. Plus, as far as I know, there is not 
necessarily even a direct genetic link between parents and children with 
type 1 diabetes. The bottom line is, that most of this is based on 
ignorance not knowledge.


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