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Re: [IP] Height (and lack thereof...)

>* Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 16:56:25 -0600
>So I'm curious--are most of you "oldtimers" shorter than your siblings and
>parents?  And are most of our children with diabetes less affected in this

If there's any rule of thumb, I must be the exception. My dx was at age 10,
and I am now 67. My max height before I started to shrink with old age was
5'8". My father was 5'6" and my mother was 5'4". I have no children. I have
one sister who  is 5'4", and her husband was 5'3" before he lost all the
cartilege in his knees. They have three sons (now in their 30's) who are
5'7", 5'6", and 6'1". I am the only diabetic in the whole bunch.

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