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[IP] my mom

Lina wrote
>  but feeling a bit 
> contrarian this morning, thought I would defend Sara's mother.

she and I both thank you, though I would have to say, sadly that her question 
of whether the 123 was good or not would be less concerned with what action 
or food I was going to be partaking of, and more concerned with whether she 
was gonna be called upon to have to KNOW what to do for me if somethng "bad" 
should happen!!

I mean, this is the mama who for the first 4 years of my life as a dog...i 
mean as a diabetic, would wake me up with my shot and a glass of orange 
juice, she would even come down to my bedroom on weekends, poke me and leave 
the oj on the dresser...when she gave me the shot, I was probably so high I 
wasn't even cognnizant enough to realize what she was doing and passed right 
out without drinking the juice, only to crash later...

>  Isn't that sort of thing always a judgment call, and isn't it the place of 
>  the mother to be involved with, encouraging but not always controlling, 
>  child's judgment?  Sounds to me like the kind of mother that raises an 
>  independent, some might think smartypants, daughter who has ample 
> capability of making her way in the world.  

I would say my mother (and father's) lack of involvement in the fine details 
of my diabetes most certainly led me to my independant, smarty panted, some 
would call free-spirited, attitude towards life and diabetes.  While it sure 
didn't make for good diabetes control those first 15 years, at least I KNEW I 
had the control to Do or Do Not.  They made the finest doctors available to 
me, and insisted on excellence in care...the details of daily life were mine 
to suss out.

I love my mom and dad, and am grateful for the great childhood they gave me 
and the way they molded my spirit, but they are NOT the first persons to 
contact on my Medic Alert.  In fact, when I do have to list a relative, I 
will list my mom, but with the caveat that she contact a specific other 
person first!

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