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[IP] Sneaking Food, more thoughts, & disagree with Sara SP

I presented the situation of a 5 yr. old that is eating food during basal tests
without permission to my 8 yr. old.

Her immediate response, " Easy, cheese, bologna, diet soda, water."  Feed her
non-carb foods let her eat if she is hungry.

None of the adults that make full use of the pump are denied any food.  Why
should a child be.  OK, you have to do special stuff to set basals, but other
than that a pump lets one eat a normal diet.  Sneaking food is impossible.  Not
bolusing for it is possible but that is not sneaking.

As for taking the pump away...WOW.  Someone said, "The only way you will ever
take my pump away is to pry it from my cold dead fingers".  How could a parent
force inferior medical treatment on their child over a discipline issue?

If a kid without D was sneaking food you would think they needed to eat more.
What is the difference here?  Some kind of discipline would be in order to
correct the misbehavior of eating when Dad didn't want her to. But you've got to
feed the kid enough so they are not hungry all of the time. They need to follow
the rules.  Now if they asked for food and you said no and they ate it
anyway...big trouble.  But none of it D related, just normal kid related.  As
for basal tests, same thing.  Dad says don't eat, they better not eat without
permission or there will be consequences, now, not retinopathy later.  I think
that parents should teach that there are ways to get a basal done without truly
fasting.  Protein and fat raise bg but probably after the test is over.  Provide
some cheese if they can't make it long enough to get a good test in.

Pumps should be the standard in D care.  Injections are primitive and should
only be used as life support until a new site is available.  Drs. should catch

Sorry to disagree with you, Sara smarty pants (why do they call you that if you
never wear them?)

Curtis Lomax (My nick names are unprintable in this forum)

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