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[IP] missed the point

well as usual, some of you have missed the point of my post...


so, for the record, and for whoever cares, I do NOT recommend punishing this 
5 year old for not "understanding" her woeful lot in life and having to 
"suffer" with diabetes.

I do not think my suggestion of going back to shots and teaching her how to 
carb count is so far off...sure, she is 5 and "no" 5 year old should be 
expected to carb count (though I do think some of them CAN), but in a few 
months she will be 6...and pretty soon 7, and befor eyou know it 12.  It is a 
learning process, just like tying your shoes and putting on matching 
clothes!!!  Besides, as we all know, diabetes "only" affects superiorily 
intellected individuals <vbg> so maybe she is smarter than than average 5 
year old.  maybe she will be able to do the math sooner, especially if 
encouraged by the enticement of "treats"  Once she knows 1/2 a bagel equals 2 
units (or whatever her ratio is), she makes that step from dependant baby to 
independant little girl...whether it happens at 5 or 6 or 18, who cares...as 
long as it happens.  IF she can't or won't, then remove the option.  Sure 
accidents are gonna happen like the theft off the other kid's plate, but all 
you can do is watch her

I do not think I am being hard or rigid if my "theories" on child raising, 
especially since "I am not a parent and not qualified to have an opinion," as 
some posts to my private email have inferred.  I firmly believe you have to 
set rules and standards, and live by them!  If you have to modify or bend 
them as each situation presents itself fine.  That is why you are the parent, 
and rules do and should change.  Set a child up with the rule that food 
equals shot, or bolus, just like you set up the rule that boogers go in the 
handkerchief not in your mouth.  Sure she is gonna slip here and there, and 
you aren't gonna wallop her if she slides...whether with the booger or the 
extra food, but you sure are gonna make sure she knows you know..and take 
steps to amend the behavior!  Hopefully, after encouraging her and reminding 
her, and if necessary punishing by whatever means you personally have chosen 
(does NOT have to be a spanking, as some of you IPers seem to think I 
champion as the ONLY discipline - the overalls in the flashers case was an 
ideal punishment), she will learn how to accommodate for whatever she eats or 
pulls out of her body cavity!

So, just as a reminder, especially to newbies...if what I write generally 
pisses you off or causes you to spurt milk through your nose in disagreement, 
please just delete my posts before you read them.  While I enjoy an 
interesting debate on a subject, I don't write simply to be "agreed" or 
"disagreed" with in public or in private.  It is just my opinion!  take it or 
leave it.

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