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Re: [IP] sneaking food VERY VERY LONG

In a message dated 8/17/00 5:50:47 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  If the 5 year old continues to not cooperate at all, put 
her back on shots and try again later. >>

But didn't Kevin say she had reported "sneaking" food on shots, also?  I am a 
little worried about going back on shots seeming like a punishment, because 
it is always possible the child might have to use that regimen again either 
for insulin or some other drug.

<< Your mother sounded intimidated by your 
diabetes (Is a 123 bg good?  Should you eat that?  All questions she should 
have known the answers to in her sleep.)  >>

Lindsay, I actually thought your post was very good, but feeling a bit 
contrarian this morning, thought I would defend Sara's mother.  Perhaps she 
would usually have enough info to know if a 123 bg was good, but would she 
always know if Sara was starting to have symptoms of a low or was planning to 
go exercise extensively, and therefore should be having extra carbohydrate?  
Isn't that sort of thing always a judgment call, and isn't it the place of 
the mother to be involved with, encouraging but not always controlling, the 
child's judgment?  Sounds to me like the kind of mother that raises an 
independent, some might think smartypants, daughter who has ample capability 
of making her way in the world.  Ah, parenthood is full of very fine lines.

Linda Z
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