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Re: [IP] Carb counting, basal & bolus rates & too much life

In a message dated 8/17/00 12:57:24 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I'm curious what quick and easy methods people are using.  We live in a
place with great produce and I eat pretty healthy but the problem seems to
be that fruits, veggies and home made breads of the area are not exact. >>

Ruth, it may be too cumbersome when you aren't home (measures about 
8"x11"x1.5", a little big for most purses <gr>), but I love my Soehnle 
programmable scale I got at Diabetes Mall (diabetesnet.com).  There is a code 
for different kinds of fruit, for instance, so that when you weigh it you can 
get a reading for carbohydrate count in the amount of that fruit that you 
have on the scale.  For instance, I press "on" and wait for the 0, press in 
"125", then put my banana on it and press the carb button to get my reading.  
Bananas are one of the fruits I used to find most difficult, but after doing 
this for almost 2 years, my estimates also are getting much better.  There 
are codes for different kinds of breads:  most are pretty similar in carb 
count/weight.  Fruits, starchy vegetables, and breads are the foods for which 
I find it most helpful because of carb density -- an inaccurate estimate can 
make a big difference to me, and volume standards are difficult because of 
odd shapes.  I keep it on its own eye level shelf next to my food prep area, 
and it has become second nature to use it.

Linda Z
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