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Re: [IP] Child Pumper Crisis: Sneaking Food

Is this thread ever digging up alot of childhood stuff--wow.  
As the child of parents who went deeply into denial (I love them dearly but 
they just did not help me deal with my diabetes when I was too young to deal 
with it myself) I'm thinking about how loaded all this is--and what amazing 
parents you must be.  But I want to suggest, very gently, that your feelings 
aren't what really matters here--what matters is her health--and of course 
you know that, and what you probably were doing was trying to find a reason 
that would communicate to a child.  But consider that telling her this could 
exacerbate the problem.  I'm not sure I would get food and diabetes control 
mixed up in how or if a child pleases parents.  She's not old enough to know 
all the stakes, but it seems to me a firm, gentle, simple, much more 
dispassionate and fact-based expression of why she needs to tell you about 
the bagels etc would work better.  She may be so afraid of displeasing you 
that she will never tell you about the bagels again.  And if she's a kid, 
there will be bagels.

Also  I can remember being so starved in my bones for carbs when I was a kid, 
just after Dx, that I would steal the bag of raisin bread out of the 
groceries and wolf half of it at a time, then hide the rest of the bag hoping 
mom would think she just hadn't bought any.  I didn't even like raisin bread. 
 And it made me feel dreadful. And then I had to hide the orange test tubes.  
What a mess.  Now, I wonder if my body cells, having been starved for food 
before I was diagnosed, weren't just screaming for fuel.  Or if I was 
honeymooning, or if my control was so bad (given what we had to work with 
back then) that it was contributing to the cravings.  

Good luck with this.  My heart goes out to you and your daughter.

suddenly hungry for raisin bread

> She
cheats with snacks that aren't even understandable why
she would risk doing this. We have told her many times
that this hurts our feelings, and we are disappointed
in her, but to no avail.
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