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Re: [IP] new pumper questions

>Subject: [IP] new pumper questions
>Melysa wrote:  
>>  exactly do you comfortably wear the pump with a dress??  

Jockey "for her" makes (or used to make?) cotton knickers (I think they're 
called french cut, altho i have no idea why) with an elastic waistband that's 
at 2 or 3 inches wide.  I've found these to be the best place to clip the 
pump securely under the dress, provided it isn't a clingy dress.  that thigh 
thing minimed sells tends to wander down my leg no matter how tight i make 

>  What about airport metal detectors?  

i've been through a ton last year, and only once did the detector go off, in 
Dallas.  It seemed on that day there was extra security around, so maybe this 
was an extraordinary circumstance.  the person who waved the wand around me 
*insisted* that I remove the pump even after i showed her the infusion set 
and site where attached.  since then when i fly i make sure to have a set of 
the end cap thingies for the sils sets in a small ziplock bag in my purse.  
that way i can detach if i need to without leaving the needle on the business 
end of the set swinging and exposed to airport or purse germs.


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