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Re: [IP] Site Infection

In a message dated 08/17/2000 2:53:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Lily's doc recommends a hot compress twice a day or more to stimulate 
 blood flow and healing with careful monitoring of the condition of the site. 
 The site should improve fairly rapidly -- any further indication of 
 spread of the infection is cause for immediate concern similar to blood 
 poisoning or deep wound infection >>

Make sure you do keep an eye on the area so that it does not turn into a more 
serious infection.  About a year after I started pumping I got a site 
infection that continued to get worse with each day.  It hurt so bad, I 
couldn't even wear jeans because of the pressure of zipping them up (ok-maybe 
they were too tight!)  But, seriously, the infection got so bad that I had to 
have my doctor lance it with a sterile knife and push the infection out.  
Totally gross, but thank goodness it didn't get any worse.  For the longest 
time I had a dent in my stomach from where the infection had been.  Don't let 
it get that far!!

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